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Monday – Thursday: 9:30am – 4pm

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Amanda Pierce

Website: www.amandapierceart.com

“Art is not in the … eye of the beholder.
It’s in the soul of the artist.”

– Seth Godin

Art became an extension of Amanda’s life early on. A native of Saskatchewan, Canada, she spent her childhood summers exploring and playing outside in nature.  With no television or phones or electronics to distract her, her imagination introduced her to the world of art and her inherent ability to capture nature on canvas was born.  In the early years, nature provided the teachings but as she matured this skill was further influenced by artists such as Sharlene Stauffer and Betty Meyers.

Amanda has independently improved her craft through her love of learning. She has been mentored by phenomenal artists in both United States and Canada.   As an artist who thinks outside the box and believes we are all artists of the soul, Amanda has been honing and honoring her artistic gifts since her childhood.   True to her Indigenous roots, Amanda derives her inspiration from her connection to nature which is then interpreted through her heart.  Through encaustic and mixed mediums, she captures the intensity, fluidity and texture of the natural world in her art and allows it to tell its story.